Gov Website showing some Negative Numbers, Is the State Hiding Data?
(Yellow, Green and Red Columns should never be less than newer data)
Government Said their data is accurate. If so data should never go negative from the previous day


Pull Data from the Government website and show current case counts and Differences from Previously Pulled data.


Get Previous Data and show the Difference in data captured today and previous data.


.\r.ps1 Save — Save Data
.\r.ps1 Get — Get New Data
.\r.ps1 — List Current Data info

Get Help or Get Help Online (Displays this Page)
get-help .\r.ps1
get-help .\r.ps1 -Online


I Changed my Original CaseCountVirus Powerscript file to be able to pull arrays of data rather than substrings of characters which can break easily if the length changes for the number data 1,2,3,4,5,6 digit data as opposed to find start and end of the current dataset and then set that to Array[0..13] for each item

County, Case Count, Hospitalized and Death Columns.

Once I have captured the data I can then save that info to a file where I can pull that data back into vArray[0..13] So that I can compare data from new data array and previous data array. vArray = Previous Data Array.


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Source Data

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