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I have created for Joomla and WordPress.  I will be adding Demo Themes to this website you can test for free and for a small fee these themes can be unlocked and used on what ever websites you choose for the platform you have purchased.

Theme Customizations

I can customize an existing theme, or create a theme from scratch using several tools that help me to build quality Joomla Themes.  Some of my web site building tools are: Coffeecup HTML Pro; Microsoft Expressing Web 4; Programmer's Notepad, or most any other text editor.

You may already have a theme you really like, however the theme may need a few tweaks.

When making changes to a theme that you have purchased or downloaded for free.  You will always want to make a backup of the files associated with that theme so as to preserve the original files.  This is important because if you make a change that totally messes everything up it is always best to have a source to restore to a previous working condition.

I build websites for people using HTML, JavaScript and CSS for pure html based websites.  For PHP based web sites I build pages using Joomla and WordPress. I can build the template or customize an existing template to meet the desired look and feel.

If you need help in repairing a broken website using, HTML, Joomla or WordPress or if you want to build a new site with any of those platforms I am available for hire. 


Purchased Themes

Though I can build my own theme. There are other quality themes you can purchase to build your website. -- Has many very nice themes with excellent support for each of their themes.

Joomla Templates

While looking for a good Joomla Template for my dad's microbiology website. I purchased a theme and built the website content for my father. Since then I have built many other Joomla theme and WordPress themes.

I found one great place with very reasonable prices and excellent professional looking themes. If you are looking for some good Joomla themes.


About Using Artisteer As A Web Template Tool.

Artisteer -- I have used Artisteer to build my Joomla Templates in the past.  And I have written my own WordPress template without the help of Artisteer.  However I think that building a Joomla Template is much easier than building a WordPress Template.  Artisteer can may you lazy as building a theme with their tool can be done quickly and its very easy to make quick changes to your themes or to rewrite a new theme based on the limited functions that come with Artisteer.  You can still build a lot of different templates.  However some of the goals you want to achieve with your Theme may not be possible without editing the code of your theme once you have built the initial layout under Artisteer.  And of course once you have customized the Artisteer generated theme if you should need to make changes to the Artisteer theme you need to be careful not to override your additional customizations.

Hard Coding A Web Site

Building a Web Site from scratch may talk longer to achieve the desired output however I can build a template or theme that can be used on sequential pages or make minor customizations and still have some consistencies with each page built using Pure HTML with CSS and JavaScript.


Creating a Theme For Joomla or Wordpress

Creating a theme for Joomla or WordPress can be done using an existing theme and simply making customizations to that theme.   Easiest Method.

Or I can create a Theme from scratch.

My Web Building Tools

  • Programmer's Notepad --- FREE, Works Great with making PERL and CGI scripts
  • Notepad++ --- FREE
  • Coffee Cup Software -- CoffeeCup HTML Pro
  • Microsoft Expression Web 4
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • --- If you don't know how to do something or need something special.  Google comes to the rescue.
  • Other JavaScripting Tools
  • Various Text Editors.
  • NoteTab Plus
  • TreePad
  • TreeDBNotes Pro 4
  • Artisteer 3 and Artisteer 4 -- Building Themes.
  • MediaWiki -- I have several wiki's with tons of useful information that I have gathered.

My Favorite Web Building Tools

Below are some of my favorite tools that I use for various tasks:

  • Programmer's Notepad --- FREE
  • CoffeeCup HTML Pro
  • Microsoft Expression Web 4
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw

 Other Web building Skills

  • Perl / CGI -- See
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS (Pro Level)

    o Expanding into AngularJS, Jquery, the DOM and other JavaScript Libraries.
  • Intermediate understanding of PHP/MySQL

Items for Sale

I have recently purchased a used car to get better gas mileage as I have to travel 75 miles per day to / from work and so I have been spending a lot of money on gas. However with the new car, I am spending just as much money until I sell my existing vehicles and then refinance my new car to get the payments down.


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TreePad Business Edition

TreePad's tree to browse any previously created/imported text or document, just as you browse directories/folders in Win-Explorer. TreePad is fully customizable: work the way you feel comfortable!


TOOL BARS: hide/show/floating.


SEARCH ENGINE: multi-featured search engine w. boolean search, regular expressions, sort results, etc.


WORD PROCESSOR: full control of fonts, colors, highlight color, left/right/center/justify/indent text, page margins, bullets, table color/shading/border/resize, spell check block/all, format painter, text-sort (w/ reverse), line/word-select,, draft-pad, line numbers, etc.


TREE FEATURES: multiple sorting options + control of node font/color/style/numbering/checkbox/marking/icon.




  • XML forms/templates/export;
  • HTML toolbar/menu/insert-code/export-to-Website (opt:dynamic tree)/etc;
  • self-updating fields;
  • template function;
  • hyper-linked history/bookmarks/favorites lists;
  • undo/redo;
  • high-security encryption;
  • image-compression;
  • print preview;
  • drag-drop; zoom;
  • agenda, calendar, to-do list;
  • many import/export options;
  • auto-save;
  • 'browser-style' hyperlinks to files,
  • directories,
  • email,
  • ftp,
  • news,
  • phone (with auto-dial - inc.prefix),
  • user-defined; etc. Import IE bookmarks and Windows shortcuts. Powerful + portable,
  • TreePad Business Edition is the ideal companion to every PC.


Best Joomla Templates -

Anti-Virus Software

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2014. 5 Seat 1 Year Subscription

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2014. 5 Seat 1 Year Subscription

This is the Anti-Virus software that we use and love.  I highly recommend WebRoot to anyone wanting to keep their computer secure.  WebRoot has a browser level plugin to help you keep track of your passwords in a secure method. More secure than using your browsers method of storing saved passwords.

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