Web Design Coding Methods Used

Various Web Project Examples - ( WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Adobe Muse, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Perl, CGI, Python )

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

o Pure HTML - CoffeeCup HTML Pro or other IDE Development tools.

o HTML/PHP - Adobe Muse - Primary HTML some PHP.

o AllWebMenus - Application used to build custom Menus.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

o I have several tools to help with SEO. I have created my own SEO plugin for use with WordPress.  We can help you with site specific SEO to improve your web site rankings.

o Keywords, Descriptions, and proper use of H1 through H6 usage throughout your pages.

o We recommend the things you need to do to get better search rankings.

Because I work for a hosting company I cannot get any commissions based on SEO.  Information I provide here is for you and your websites.

PHP CMS type WebSites

o Joomla CMS - Joomla 3.x Theme Development. I build the theme you maintain your website.

o Upgrade Joomla 2.15 and above to 3.x. Joomla 1.x is a migration not an upgrade.

o WordPress CMS - I build the theme you maintain your website. If your web content is out of date I give you the power to make these updates yourself.

o MediaWiki - Theme customizations. MediaWiki site building tips.





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